Our Story

Welcome! Im so glad you're here! BONECA launched back in 2019 and then re-launched in 2021. BONECA provides women's apparel sizes S-3XL while promoting body positivity through our pieces. 



I grew up in a beautiful household with parents that loved me very much. At an early age I suffered bullying. I no longer wanted to go to school, I felt scared and un-safe. My mom helped me through those challenges and I learned to focus on WHY they were bullying me. Was it lack of self confidence on their part? Were they jealous? Or just being malicious? 




Unfortunately, most of these comments were about my appearance. So I grew self conscience of my legs because "my legs where fat" they'd say.  I would go home, cry to my mom and again she would talk to me and tell me "that's not true, you're beautiful they way you are Priscilla."



Eventually, I learned how to defend myself with words. The bullies noticed that I NO LONGER CARED what they had to say to me. You see, my mom prepared me SO well and taught me how to have the self confidence I needed to overcome those situations. I grew tough, and the sadness I experienced made me stronger.

Unfortunately, bullying happens all the time now, not just in schools. Even online people are so mean and hurtful. I learned I couldn't care what others thought of me, I had to believe in myself. 

I hope when you shop at BONECA you don't only see earrings and matching sets. I hope you feel confident and encouraged when you put on our pieces. I hope you can have the self confidence to go about anything the day brings you. Being body positive and self confidence is what helped me, so now I want to share it with you through BONECA!







Hi my name is Priscilla and I'm the founder of Boneca. Many have asked what does "BONECA" mean? "Boneca" means doll in Portuguese. Since Portuguese is my native tongue and in Portugal we use that word or expression a lot to say you look beautiful, it stuck.  I hope you're able to find something for you. Something that fits just right. I hope when you put on my pieces you feel STRONG, BRAVE  & CONFIDENT even if it means you're working from home or out and about. At the end of the day, I hope you felt like a BONECA (doll) ;)


xoxo- Priscilla Roldan